Ever So Shy

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Erika.Tyegurr. South Florida. I love longboarding. Music is the only reason im happy.
Two Door Cinema Club, Pacific Air, Local Natives, The Neighbourhood, Coldplay, Pepper, The Dirty Heads, Arctic Monkeys, Passafire, Kings of Leon, Trevor Hall, Kid Cudi, Modest Mouse, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, G-Eazy, Sticky Fingers, Darius And so many more.


I miss:
-your voice
-your presence
-your touch
-your laugh
-your smile
-talking to you
-watching movies and dexter
-sleeping and waking up to you
-going paddle boarding with you
-eating with you
-being lazy and eating ice cream
-hearing “I love you”
I guess I’m just madly in love with you.